Discover the unique taste of cheeses!


When it comes to processing and packaging cheese- we know best! We have been doing this continuously since 1991. If you need cheeses in slices, pieces, grated, or if you want build your own brand; rely on our experience – we will help you create a product tailored to your needs. We offer help in the selection of cheese type, basis weight and packaging.

We offer:
– grinding and packaging of various cheese types such as Dutch type, mozzarella type, Italian type, cheddar type, Swiss type, smoked, smoked processed, goat, sheep, mimolette, curd, salami, blocks or trimmings;
– packaging in a MAP modified atmosphere, open / close or flow pack type packaging using both transparent film and foil printed according to the customer’s design;
– vacuum packaging in cryovac packages; with the possibility of using the soft vacuum technique, i.e. A “soft vacuum” that we use to pack vacuum-sensitive cheese, e.g. Swiss-type cheeses.

We are also a producer of processed cheese and processed cheese-like products.
Processed cheese is a product derived from cheese, which is subjected to grinding, mixing, and high temperature during production, in order to obtain a plastic and homogeneous mass.
Cheese spreads are an excellent breakfast offer as an alternative to butter and vegetable fats used in making sandwiches. They contain 8-12 g protein and 15-27% fat per 100g, so they are less caloric than traditional spreads. They are easy to spread after being removed from the fridge. They are also an ideal material for further processing and are perfectly suited for hot dishes – as an ingredient in aromatic soups and sauces.

We offer:
– small portions – cubes with basis weight of 80 and 100 g, and cheese in discs, which contain 8 handy triangles with a weight of 17,5 g;
– available flavors – cream, gouda, Edam, Emmentaler, smoked, with herbs, with ham, with peppers, with mushrooms, with chives;
– packaging is provided with a system that facilitates opening.