Discover the unique taste of cheeses!

TMT privat label products

You will find a wide range of products under the TMT and Narew Valley logos in our offer. Those products are all made from carefully selected ripening cheeses. Fresh ingredients are always used for production, which guarantees their unique taste and high quality.

We offer sliced ​​cheeses in practical packaging that can be reopened multiple times, cheeses in cubes and grated cheeses, whose variety of species and various grating methods provide extraordinary taste qualities and make them an ideal addition to sauces, pasta, casseroles and pizzas, as well as salads.
We are also a producer of excellent processed cheeses in discs and traditional cubes.

Cheese spreads are an excellent breakfast offer as an alternative to butter and vegetable fats used in making sandwiches. They contain 8-12 g protein and 15-27% fat per 100g, so they are less caloric than traditional spreads. They are easy to spread after being removed from the fridge. They are also an ideal material for further processing and are perfectly suited for hot dishes – as an ingredient in aromatic soups and sauces.

All packages are provided with a system that facilitates opening. Delicate consistency, excellent taste and exceptional quality are their assets.